Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fuck yeah art student owl.

As you all should know, i am an art student ;) And i must say, i love the fuck-yeah-art-student-owl posts on tumblr. These are just some that i liked and can relate to ^^ Also, i posted this so hums would see it and i want her to see them so much. She is also an art student. I especially love the last two pictures! I absolutely HATE how POA and D&T students say that if they took art, they could easily get an A. Wtf. NO BITCH, YOU CAN'T. Art takes so much time, effort, patience, love, hardwork, etc. Which i doubt you all have. Art drives you insane, in a good way. It changes your perspective on life. Art is beauty. I'll never regret picking art in all the three choices i was given.


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